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About Us

Lingui Mundi is a foreign language communications company, providing Translation and Interpretation services.

Our goal is to facilitate multi lingual communications through specialized linguists providing personalized customer service, as well as confidentiality and professionalism in almost all of today’s languages.

Our Corporate Headquarters is located in United States. We rely on a team with more than 30 years of experience.

Our Services

traducciones técnicas - Technical Translatios

General Translations

Translations of Manuals, User Guides and Text for specific disciplines of: Law, Science, Technology, Manufacturing, Medicine and Finance. Also we translate Curriculums, Resumes, Letters, Organizational Presentations, Annual and Financial Reports.

Certified Legal Translations

Birth, Marriage, Naturalization and Adoption, Certified Contracts, Copy Rights, Trademark Ownership, Patents, Certified Diplomas and University Degrees and any kind of Legal Documents.

Interpretación Consecutiva - Consecutive Interpreting

Consecutive Interpreting

Oral translation of a speaker's words into another language when the speaker has finished speaking or pauses for interpreting. Used, for example in formal business meetings, for negotiations, training sessions or lectures.

traducciones de marketing - Marketing Translations

Advertising and Communication Translations​

Literary Text and Marketing Copy, International Ad and Promotional Campaigns, Web Sites, Newspapers.


Servicio de Traducción

We rely on native translators, specialists that always translate into their mother tongue ensuring the translation reflects the proper dialect and maintains the tone of the original allowing us to present a service of high standards based on the rules of grammar and punctuation.


  • Total confidentiality.
  • Personalized service with certified specialists.
  • Punctual and reliable services.


Linguimundi - Intérpretes
Lingui Mundi provides high quality of interpretation services to corporations, event coordinators and mass media. Our interpreters are full time professionals with a proven track record, which have specific expertise in a wide variety of disciplines, as well as college degrees and advanced degrees or certifications.

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